The forum stands as a welfare team to offer adequate support and guidance to researchers throughout their academic journey.


  • To foreground career opportunities in the respective fields of research across all disciplines.
  • To provide awareness regarding corporate, academic and research opportunities, within India and abroad.
  • To foster the exchange of ideas among researchers to upskill innovation and meet the industry needs across the globe.
About Us

Research Scholars Forum (RSF) at NITT works for the welfare and continuous development of the research scholars since 2015. However, it became official and started extending its activities with the consent of the institute authorities in 2017. The forum, yet again in 2022, has revamped its mission and vision to meet the need of the times.

RSF mainly focuses on organizing workshops, seminars and guest lectures in collaboration with experts from various Institutes of Excellence across India and abroad. Moreover, the forum provides a platform for the discussion of higher education and employment opportunities after PhD for the research fraternity at NITT. The strong alumni network of NITT also acts as a catalyst in all such endeavours.

Along with the major goals, we specifically focus on postdoctoral opportunities, fully funded projects, employment as well as industry technology transfer for the scholar community. Postdoctoral openings at institutions across the world will be earmarked and brought to the attention of the scholars via our website. Similarly, we cater for the utility factor of our research by bringing into notice the need for technology transfer in several industries.

Further, grievances of research scholars can also be addressed to PhD Secretaries through this forum.

Let's make it a platform to come, unite and work for the common good of the research community at NITT and thus make this world a better place to live.