CSIR-Senior Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry


Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Date of Joining

02 July, 2018


  1. Senior Research Fellow from Nov 2020 – Till Date
    Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology-Tiruchirappalli.
  2. Junior Research Fellow from July 2018 – Oct 2020
    National Institute of Technology-Tiruchirappalli, India
  3. Project Assistant from Feb 2017- Apr 2018
    CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST-TVM), Kerala, India.
  4. Project during Master of Science, Project title: Palladium Catalysed Ring Opening of Azabicyclic Olefins with Ortho-iodobenzoates; Tandom One-Pot Access Towards Tri-functionalised Cyclopentenes”
    Adviser: Dr. K. V. Radhkarishnan, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, India.

Academic Qualification

  1. Post-Graduation in MSc. Chemistry (2014-2016); CGPA-3.28/4
    University: University of Calicut
  2. Under-Graduation in BSc Chemistry (2011-2014); CGPA-3.76/4
    University: University of Calicut

Fellowship & Awards

  1. CSIR-SRF, CSIR-India (Nov 2020-Sep 2022)
  2. Best Oral Presentation Award, "INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMERGING TRENDS IN SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY” (ICETSOC-2021) organized by NIT-Puducherry (December 06th-07th, 2021).
  3. Best Poster Presentation Award, International Conference on “EMERGING TRENDS IN CATALYSIS” (ETC-2020) conducted by VIT-Vellore, and RSC, UK (6th-8th January 2020).
  4. Best Poster Award, International Virtual Conference on “INNOVATIVE RESEARCH IN CHEMICAL SCIENCE” (IRCS-2020) conducted by SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai (29th-30th June 2020)
  5. Best Poster Award, International Virtual Conference on “RECENT ADVANCES IN ORGANIC MEDICINAL AND BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY” (RAOMBC-2020) conducted by VIT-Chennai (8th-9th July 2020).

List of Publications

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