Prakash A RCivil EngineeringSoil-Structure Interaction (Geotechnical Engineering)

Sdfsdfsd sdfs fsfsfsfChemical Engineeringasd

Dr. P. ILANGOComputer ApplicationsData Mining and Warehousing

Dr. G. Manju BhargaviPhysicsElectrochemical Nano/ Biosensors

Ganesa Balamurugan. KProduction EngineeringLaser Manufacturing

Sumathi GEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Coal

Aditi RoyComputer Science and EngineeringSecurity Solutions

T SHARMILA Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering-Materials

Dinesh Kumar SEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Biological wastewater treatment

Parmanand KumarArchitecturehqjbd

Abhilash MCivil EngineeringStructural engineering

Sherin Parwin PMCivil EngineeringSolid Waste Management

RAJESH KUMAR VCivil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering

Pratyush dikshitArchitectureCryptology

Chandra prakash singh sengarComputer Science and Engineeringartificial intelligance

HIRAN NANDYComputer Science and EngineeringNatural Language Processing

Shaji Thorn BlueComputer Science and EngineeringArtificial intelligence

RUFZAL T AElectrical and Electronics EngineeringInduction Motor Starting

Shashank SinghElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSmart Grids, Power Systems, Consumer Electronics

Dibyaraj Krishna BeheraElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics and Renewable Energy System

Palash jainElectrical and Electronics Engineeringelectric vehicles

AranganathanElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRenewable energy

Abhishek AichElectronics and Communication EngineeringSignal Processing

Pranav Kumar JhaElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Communications

Yashwant .Electronics and Communication EngineeringDeep Learning/FPGA based Accelerators

SISTLA LAKSHMI MANASAElectronics and Communication EngineeringDIGITAL VLSI

SIDDHARTH BARDIYAInstrumentation and Control EngineeringCapacitance-type Liquid Level Sensor

Ajil RoyInstrumentation and Control EngineeringBiomedical

Alok kumarMechanical EngineeringFuel cell, anaerobic digestion with phase change thermal energy storage device


SACHIN KUMAR Mechanical EngineeringThermo chemical conversion of waste to energy.


Prakash SMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding

PRADEEP SMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMicrowave Welding

Puneet GoelProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Management (Maritime Logistics)

PRADEEP KUMAR MISHRAProduction EngineeringMechanical modelling and characterization in 3d printed material

Challagundla Bharath KumarProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Management

Rashmi priya paridaProduction Engineeringadditive manufacturing

Shrikant BardiyaArchitectureRapid Manufacturing


PRABAKARAN RProduction EngineeringMicro Machining

Sumathi GArchitectureCoal

Jaikumar RanganathanArchitectureAesthetic preference based on visual complexity with is measured using fractal dimension

Purushothaman AArchitectureVernacular Architecture

Gitali MandalArchitectureBuilt Environment

MOHD FAHEEM ArchitectureArchitecture

Sivapriya ChelliahArchitectureEnergy Analysis of Buildings

G Sai SanathArchitecturePublic space

Swetha KArchitectureCampus Design

Lakshmi VisakhaArchitectureArchitecture

JAYASREE T KArchitectureMonitoring and simulation of thermal and energy performance

K.MarliyaArchitectureHuman comfort in Vernacular Public buildings

T NivedithaArchitectureSustainable Architecture and Built Environment

ShanmuggaraniArchitectureEvolving strategies in climate based architecture


Madhavan RajanArchitectureUrban microclimate & energy consumption

Tarun VermaArchitectureDaylight and Visual Comfort

Nikhil BhandariArchitectureThermal Comfort

S. NivedithaArchitectureThermal Comfort Study


MOHANA GOPIRAJArchitectureArchitecture

Dhushyanth kumar LArchitectureWayfinding in Architecture

Amalan Sigmund kaushik SArchitectureBuildiing material,

SANKARAN KRISHNAMOORTHYEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Microalgae technology for the treatment of distillery wastewater

Parthiban K SChemical EngineeringBiodiesel

CHARLES DAVIDChemical EngineeringEnvironmental Technology

ARUN CChemical EngineeringBiochemical/Environmental

Kumaravel Dinesh GChemical EngineeringUltrasound wastewater treatment

Indulekha JohnChemical EngineeringBiofuels

Pramila MChemical EngineeringPhotocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to fuel

SATHISH KUMAR RChemical EngineeringDevelopment of biofouling resistant polymeric membrane for wastewater treatment

M.HarshinyChemical EngineeringNano-Biomaterial

Karthika SChemical EngineeringPharmaceutical Crystallization

SARAVANAPANDIAN PChemical EngineeringAqueous Two Phase System- Protein Extraction

Balachandramohan JChemical EngineeringIndustrial waste watse treatment

Nivedhini Iswarya cChemical EngineeringNanocomposite for Energy Storage Application

DIVYA P SOMANChemical EngineeringHeat Transfer

Bhuvaneswari GovindanChemical EngineeringFluid Dynamics, Gas Solid Reactions, CFD

Selvakumar PChemical EngineeringBioenergy Production

Dhanya GeorgeChemical EngineeringDrug delivery

Navamani Kartic D Chemical EngineeringWastewater Treatment

Alok TripathiChemical EngineeringPhotocatalysis

N. YASVANTHRAJANChemical EngineeringEnzymatic biodiesel production

A V S L SAI BHARADWAJChemical EngineeringBiofuels

A.SethupathyChemical EngineeringBio-solids management

Manish kumarChemical EngineeringBiomass conversion into useful chemicals with assistance of ultrsound

V.R.V.AshwaniyChemical EngineeringBio-desalination

TAMILMANI JChemical EngineeringBioelectrochemical Systems

Ullas Krishnan J NChemical EngineeringAdvanced materials

ELAKKIYA.SChemical EngineeringDevelopment of Membrane for clean water

Aiswarya devi SChemical EngineeringGreen mediated Nanocatalyst

K.DEEPAChemical EngineeringSynthesis of Polymeric Membrane for clean and sustainable water resources and fuel cell application

Sasikumar BChemical EngineeringMembrane Separation




DhayananthChemical EngineeringPharmaceutical

Shakunthala RChemical EngineeringEffluent treatment

GOKULA KRISHNAN S AChemical EngineeringMembrane separation

KALIDASS JChemical EngineeringSonochemical Intensification


ATTI SRINIVASChemical EngineeringBio nano particles

GEETU P PAULChemical EngineeringOptimization under uncertainity

Sundaramahalingam M AChemical EngineeringBiofuels

Durgadevi SChemical EngineeringIndustrial Waste Management and Disposal

NEERAJ V SChemical EngineeringWastewater Treatment

N.RajasekharChemical EngineeringProcess Control


R IdhayachanderChemical EngineeringNano metals

Athappan VChemical EngineeringBiosensors

MATHAN CChemical EngineeringModel Based Control of Processes

Dr.M.SudhakarCivil EngineeringStructural Engieering

Senthil Kumar KCivil EngineeringE-waste plastic in concrete

Cyril Thomas, A.Civil EngineeringSteel Structures, Repair and Rehabilitation, Vibration Based Damage Detection

Venkatasaravanan rCivil EngineeringTreatment of Acid mine drainage followed by metal recovery

G. Nantha priya Civil EngineeringTransportation planning


Ashok MCivil EngineeringSteel and Concrete Structures

PALA GIREESH KUMARCivil EngineeringTransportation Engineering

Remya RetnanCivil EngineeringStructural Engineering

Surendar NatarajanCivil EngineeringWaterresources

BARKAVI TCivil EngineeringDevelopment of Decision Support System (DSS) for condition assessment of concrete buildings

SAKTHIVEL GCivil EngineeringRemote sensing in water resources

PARTHIBAN PCivil EngineeringConcrete Technology

V UMACivil EngineeringWastewater Treatment

Anu SCivil EngineeringProject: Architecture and music

Sivaraman SCivil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering

AMUTHARASI G TCivil EngineeringCold Formed Steel Structures

Cynthia Civil EngineeringRoad network topology

LavanyaCivil Engineeringwastewater treatment

Umanath UCivil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering

NIVEDITHA S VCivil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering

S.HemavathiCivil EngineeringWater Resources Engineering

D NigithaCivil EngineeringSoil Structure Interaction

JananiCivil EngineeringOpportunity to leverage smartphone sensor data for pavement condition monitoring

Ajith KumarCivil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering

CHANDRU PArchitectureSelf Compacting Concrete

Athibaranan SCivil EngineeringStructural engineering

LEELAMBAR SINGHCivil EngineeringHydrological modeling

Jacinth Jennifer JCivil EngineeringMicrowave Remote Sensing in Landslide Mapping and Modelling

Anusudha VCivil EngineeringPavement subgrade stabilization

M.DIVYACivil EngineeringSTEEL

Elamathi.V Civil EngineeringGround Improvement

ABIJITH DCivil EngineeringRemote Sensing-Coastal Applications

ArjunCivil EngineeringInterlocking Paver blocks

Preethi VCivil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering

PREM KUMAR KCivil EngineeringWastewater

Sandeep singhCivil EngineeringTraffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

GORRIPOTU KISHORE KUMARCivil EngineeringStability of Steel Structures

Saravanakumar RCivil EngineeringStructural Engineering

VINOTH KUMAR SCivil EngineeringRemote Sensing and Geomatics

K.SOUNDARANAYAKICivil Engineeringconstructed wetland

ManikanadanCivil EngineeringWaste to Energy


ARCHANA S Civil EngineeringTransportation

P.SuganyaCivil EngineeringWastewater discharge


SARANYA TCivil EngineeringGround Water Quality

Manikandaprabhu Alias SaravananCivil EngineeringSoil and foundation


A SangeethaCivil EngineeringTreatment of high strength wastewater using anaerobic membrane bioreactor

Lisa Mary ThomasCivil EngineeringConcrete Technology

Ramanarayan SankritiCivil EngineeringRemote sensing and water resources

Anita SCivil EngineeringTransportation planning

Md. Shakeel AbidCivil EngineeringGround Improvement Technique

M. RajivCivil EngineeringCold formed steel

Mohammed Shakeel AbidCivil EngineeringGround Improvement Technique

Nekkanti HaripavanCivil EngineeringGeospatial techniques urban planning, UHI

T SHARMILA Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering-Materials

Tanna Geeta RaniCivil EngineeringFreezing of soil

JEGATHEESWARAN BCivil EngineeringFluid-Structure Interaction

UGIN INBA RAJ NChemistryInorganic chemistry

M PURNA CHANDER RAOChemistryNanomaterials and photocatalysis

KIRUTHIGA RChemistryEnergy storage

Anees rahman K NChemistryBioinorganic Chemistry

Sathishkumar P NChemistryOrganometallics and catalysis


Kalaiyarasi AChemistryBio and Electro analytical research

MUSTHAFA MChemistryBio-inorganic Chemistry

D SINDHUJAChemistryCatalysis

S PrabhuChemistryMaterials for energy conversion and storage

S.PRABHAKARANChemistryOne Pot Organic Synthesis |(MCR)


Merlin Mary MathewChemistryBioinorganic Chemistry

ARULMANI SChemistryElectro-chemistry (Nano materials -Energy Conversion and Storage)

ArthiChemistryOrganic synthesis

Vasanthakumar PChemistrycatalysis

Haritha RChemistryCatalysis

NITHYA M.ChemistryN-Heterocyclic Carbene catalyzed organic synthesis

A.I.Anu Karthi SwaghathaChemistryFuel cells

C. NeelamegamChemistryOrganic Synthesis



M. KRISHNAVENIChemistrySupercapacitors, Electrochemistry

Irfana JesinChemistryOrganic chemistry

Ravindra SChemistrySynthetic Organic Chemistry

Reshma KaimalChemistryElectrochemical Sensors

SHABASHINI AChemistryorganic synthesis

Simahudeen Bathir JChemistryComputational Chemistry

Jerome ChemistryCatalytic Applications of Pd and Cu Pincer Complexes

PADMAPRIYA MChemistryWaste water treatment



SurendiranComputer ApplicationsImage processing, Data mining

GLORY VComputer ApplicationsInformation Retireval

S.ThiruselvanComputer ApplicationsCloud Computing

Arish PComputer ApplicationsQuantum Computing

AnandKumar PComputer ApplicationsMetaheuristics

BALAJI CComputer ApplicationsCloud security

Akila SComputer ApplicationsBig Data Analytics

VengadeswaranComputer ApplicationsBig Data

A. SWAMINATHANComputer ApplicationsImage and video processing with artificial intelligence

Seshu Babu PulagaraComputer ApplicationsCRYPTOGRAPHY

Shanthi MComputer ApplicationsNatural Language Processing

NAVEENKUMAR MComputer ApplicationsComputer Vision

Anu ThomasComputer ApplicationsInformation Extraction

J PRAVEEN KUMARComputer ApplicationsImage processing


NITHIYA BASKARANComputer ApplicationsCloud Optimization

THEEPALAKSHMIComputer ApplicationsBioinformatics

Kv sriharshaComputer ApplicationsVisual sensor netwŕork

Shobha kComputer ApplicationsBig Data

N.KarthikaComputer ApplicationsInformation retrieval

SMRITHY G SComputer ApplicationsBig data security and privacy

G. KumaresanComputer ApplicationsCryptography

Sivaiah BellamkondaComputer ApplicationsComputer Vision

D SANTHADEVIComputer ApplicationsIoT Security

K.THENMOZHIComputer ApplicationsImage Processing

K MALATHIComputer ApplicationsMedical Image Processing

Silambarasan EComputer ApplicationsCloud Security

Resmi Ramachandran pillaiComputer ApplicationsAlgorithms in membrane computing

K.SureshComputer ApplicationsBio-Cryptosystems

Praveen Kumar PComputer ApplicationsBig data access control in cloud computing


Malvika SinghComputer ApplicationsCyber Security

Arpita GuptaComputer ApplicationsCognitive Science, Machine Learning

Prakash babu yandrapatiComputer ApplicationsBig Data

Srinadh Swamy MajetiComputer ApplicationsMobile Application security testing

Kavitha lakshmiComputer ApplicationsMachine learning

Lavanya SettipalliComputer ApplicationsAnalytics

S.ManimaranComputer ApplicationsIntrusion Control in Mobile and IoT devices

Sridhar raj SComputer ApplicationsDeep learning

Medikonda Asha KiranComputer ApplicationsSecurity and privacy using cloud assisted IoT

Anitha MComputer ApplicationsData Analytics

K.MUTHUREKAComputer ApplicationsMachine Learning

S GayathriComputer Applications Data Analytics

Chindukuri MallikarjunaComputer ApplicationsNatural Language Processing

Tharaniya sairaj RComputer ApplicationsArtificial intelligence

MONIKA AComputer ApplicationsInformation Security

MEHARAJ BEGUM AComputer ApplicationsPredictive Analytics

Appasami GComputer ApplicationsImage processing

Adarsh VComputer ApplicationsBig Data Analytics

A.Vamshi NaikComputer ApplicationsCyber security

JAYANTHAN K SComputer ApplicationsComputer Vision

Y V ReddyComputer ApplicationsNetwork Security

NAVEEN JComputer ApplicationsWireless Sensor Networks

Udayabalan BComputer ApplicationsRecommender System

SATHISHKUMARComputer ApplicationsQoS Routing for over MANET

MURALEEDHARAN NComputer ApplicationsNetwork Security

Rashmi S NiarComputer ApplicationsData Compression

NIMMI KComputer ApplicationsMobile Device Security

SANGEETHAPRIYA.JComputer ApplicationsSecurity issues in Internet of Things

Madhusoodhanan RComputer ApplicationsCryptography

Gopinath PComputer ApplicationsMobile security

Chandrakala kurubaComputer ApplicationsBig Data Analytics

Tella Ashok KumarComputer ApplicationsBig Data

Apoorva K AComputer ApplicationsDigital Forensics

Kesavan G.D.Computer ApplicationsMobile Data Analytics

Kolli Nuka RajuComputer ApplicationsCloud Computing

Sanjeev KumarComputer ApplicationsCyber Security

Uma SComputer ApplicationsIoT Security

D.VinothaComputer ApplicationsNatural Language Processing

Raja SreeComputer Science and EngineeringCloud Security

Selvi CComputer Science and EngineeringRecommender System

KOPPALA GURAVAIAHComputer Science and EngineeringInternet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks

Manjith B.C.Computer Science and EngineeringHardware Security

J. KokilaComputer Science and EngineeringReliability and security issues in SoC

J.VIJAYAComputer Science and EngineeringDATA ANALYTICS

Preeth RComputer Science and EngineeringWireless Networks

PriyaComputer Science and EngineeringNetwork security

C.S.Naga manjula raniComputer Science and EngineeringPrivacy Preserving

Bhukya Krishna PriyaComputer Science and Engineeringemerging NVM

KAKUMANI K C DEEPTHIComputer Science and EngineeringSTREAM CIPHER

SHATHANAA RComputer Science and EngineeringHigh Level Synthesis

ELAKKIYA EComputer Science and EngineeringNETWORK SECURITY

Midhula VijayanComputer Science and EngineeringComputer Vision

B KRANTHIKUMARComputer Science and EngineeringNetwork Security

SULPHIKAR AComputer Science and EngineeringGraph Theory

P SugunaComputer Science and EngineeringSoftware Defined network

Bhuvaneswari Amma N GComputer Science and EngineeringNetwork Security

Vidhya RComputer Science and EngineeringImage Security

Sreenivasulu MadichettyComputer Science and EngineeringSocial Media Mining, Information Retrieval

A JUSTIN GOPINATHComputer Science and EngineeringInternet of Things (IoT)

KOTESWARA RAO CHComputer Science and EngineeringSecure Multiparty Computation(CRYPTOGRAPHY)

Krunal RandiveComputer Science and EngineeringImage Processing, Computer Vision

BALASUBRAMANIAN PComputer Science and EngineeringData Analytics, Machine Learning



Lohith J JComputer Science and EngineeringCryptology

Jayalekshmi SComputer Science and EngineeringInternet of Things

Devipriya MComputer Science and EngineeringCryptographic Techniques on Reconfigurable harware

Aarthi PComputer Science and EngineeringMachine Learning

Janani Computer Science and EngineeringDatabase Security

K Uma MaheswariComputer Science and EngineeringCloud Security

SEKAR CComputer Science and EngineeringIoT Security

SIRON ANITA SUSAN TComputer Science and EngineeringWireless Sensor Networks

T SUGIRTHAComputer Science and EngineeringComputer Vision

Gerard DeepakComputer Science and EngineeringSemantic Web Mining

Vinod R FalmariComputer Science and EngineeringMultimedia

Mekathoti Vamsi kiran Computer Science and EngineeringWireless Sensor Networks

Selvam DComputer Science and EngineeringCloud Security

C. NandhiniComputer Science and EngineeringArtificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Kannadasan KComputer Science and EngineeringBrain Computer Interface

Samir SheshankComputer Science and EngineeringCryptography

SYAMA RComputer Science and EngineeringInternet of Things

Aditi RoyComputer Science and EngineeringSecurity Solutions

AMBAIRAM MUTHU SIVAKRISHNAComputer Science and EngineeringSoftware Engineering

Palli rahulComputer Science and EngineeringComputer Vision and AI

THUSHARA G AComputer Science and EngineeringSecure Data Management in Cloud Computing

Vicky VikrantComputer Science and EngineeringML

THOTA SANDEEP KUMAR REDDYComputer Science and EngineeringComputer Networks and Network Security

Krishnakumari KComputer Science and EngineeringCross Domain Sentiment Analysis

JobinComputer Science and Engineeringconputer architecure

Shalini RComputer Science and EngineeringHigh Performance Computing

Namratha MComputer Science and EngineeringCryptology

C MADAN KUMARComputer Science and EngineeringMultimedia Security

HARIHARAN RComputer Science and EngineeringData analytics

BALAJI MComputer Science and EngineeringIoT in Autonomous Systems

RAGHU.H.VComputer Science and EngineeringParallel and Distributed Computing

MD SHARFUDDIN WASEEMComputer Science and EngineeringImage processing

Preeti VermaComputer Science and EngineeringMachine Learning and Deep Learning

Sai Rama Krishna IndarapuComputer Science and EngineeringSocial Media Analysis

Sreejith.SElectrical and Electronics Engineering Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems

Dr. Aravind C KElectrical and Electronics EngineeringMicrogrid

JOSEPH GODFREY AElectrical and Electronics EngineeringElectric Vehicle

Suresh N SElectrical and Electronics EngineeringMicro grid , smart grid

ARUN S LElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDemand Response in Smart Grid

M SENTHIL KUMARElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Systems Protection

V.VIGNESHKUMARElectrical and Electronics EngineeringApplication of optimization techniques for MPPT in PV systems

Rohit Rajan EapenElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSmart Grid

RAMYAElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRECONFIGURABLE ARCHITECTURES

MARIA JENISHA CElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics applications in Renewable Energy Systems

SUMAN MElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower System

S PriyavarthiniElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Quality issues in Grid connected Wind Power Generation

P. PadmagirisanElectrical and Electronics EngineeringControl Systems

BALIMIDI MALLIKARJUNAElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower System Protection

PONRAJ.PElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Systems

Ganesh moorthy​Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSolar Pv grid connected micro inverter

Dharavath KishanElectrical and Electronics EngineeringWireless Power Transfer for Electrical Vehicle Battery Charging

Bijukumar BElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics Application in Renewable Energy Systems

Aditya SElectrical and Electronics EngineeringVLSI

D.Uma MaheswariElectrical and Electronics EngineeringWireless Networks

N.BABUElectrical and Electronics EngineeringElectrical Drives and Control

RAVULAKARI KALYAN Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPower systems

Nindra sekharElectrical and Electronics EngineeringIntegration of renewable energy sources

MOHAMMED MANSOOR OElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower system


Suhanya M SElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRenewable energy systems

Venkateswarlu gunduElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPOWER SYSTEMS

SUJIKANNAN MElectrical and Electronics EngineeringMicrogrid

T.ManikandanElectrical and Electronics EngineeringElectric Vehicle

B HANUMANTHA RAOElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSmart Grid

Rajesh KElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics

SATHEESH KRISHNAN GElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Engineering

KRISHNA KUMBAElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPOWER SYSTEMS

Kamalapathi kElectrical and Electronics Engineeringpower electronics

Sowmya RElectrical and Electronics EngineeringElectric vehicle

ANNASELVARAJ BElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPOWER ELECTROBICS

Barath Kanna CElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSignal Conditioning

B JayaprakashElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Quality

Jisma MElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Systems


RACHAPUTI BHANU PRAKASHElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRenewable Fed Drives

C.SOWTHILYElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSolar PV systems

SUGALI HARINAIKElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDesign of High efficient Converters

A MARISELVAMElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower System Protection

SINDHUJA SElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics

SOM JAIRAJ ANKARElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower electronics

SathiyanarayananElectrical and Electronics EngineeringTraction power system

Ramakrishna KappagantuElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSmart Grid

DheepanchakkravarthyElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Quality

M.MEENALOCHANIElectrical and Electronics EngineeringWireless Sensor Networks

K.GanesanElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics

THOMAS P RAJANElectrical and Electronics EngineeringIndustrial Applications of Power Electronics

Ravichandran MHElectrical and Electronics EngineeringElectrical Machines

SARAVANA KUMAR AElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics

Manujith P SElectrical and Electronics EngineeringGrid interconnection of PV systems

C. NALLATHAMBIElectrical and Electronics EngineeringRenewable Energy

Dwija DesireddyElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Systems

Muhilan Electrical and Electronics EngineeringPower Electronics

A Mary BeulaElectrical and Electronics EngineeringConverters in Renewable Energy applications

RakeshElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSolar Photovoltaic systems

Muhammad Ehsan RElectrical and Electronics EngineeringSolar

Anilkumar gurrapusalaElectrical and Electronics EngineeringPOWER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN MICROGRID

GEETHU SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital VLSI

Rajeshkumar VElectronics and Communication EngineeringMIC & Antennas

Karthick SElectronics and Communication EngineeringArray Signal Processing

Sudheesh P GElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Communication

Nuthakki Venkata RajasekharElectronics and Communication EngineeringMetamaterial based UWB Planar Antennas

VIJAY B T Electronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Networks

K GOWRIElectronics and Communication EngineeringSignal Processing

MarshalElectronics and Communication EngineeringQCA

Ananya ParameswaranElectronics and Communication EngineeringSIW

SASHIGANTH MElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Communications

Geethu SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital VLSI

NINU RACHEL PHILIPElectronics and Communication EngineeringWIRELESS NETWORKS

Archana SElectronics and Communication EngineeringRF design

S. CHRISBEN GLADSONElectronics and Communication EngineeringRFIC Design

Vineeth PalliyembilElectronics and Communication EngineeringOptical wireless communication

Narasimman MElectronics and Communication EngineeringCommunication Systems

G JAYABRINDHAElectronics and Communication EngineeringPATTERN RECOGNITION

KM Divya ChaturvediElectronics and Communication EngineeringSIW based antennas for WBAN application

ARVIND KUMARElectronics and Communication EngineeringSubstrate Integrated Waveguide Antennas

HARISH ADHITHYA.MElectronics and Communication EngineeringMetamaterial Antenna Design

GUDIBANDI BHARATH REDDYElectronics and Communication EngineeringAntennas and Microwave

Gopinath PElectronics and Communication EngineeringMedical Image Processing

K HARI KISHOREElectronics and Communication EngineeringAnalog VLSI design

Jenila CElectronics and Communication EngineeringOptical Wireless Communication

K RAJA SEKARElectronics and Communication EngineeringHardware Security

K R ArunkumarElectronics and Communication EngineeringBiomedical Signal processing

GNANAKUMAR DElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless and Optical Communication

Bibin Sam Paul SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital VLSI Design

LAKSHMI N SElectronics and Communication EngineeringOn-chip RF Filter Design

Rajasekhar reddy PoreddyElectronics and Communication EngineeringPattern Recognition

V Krushna KanthElectronics and Communication EngineeringFrequency Selective Surfaces

M ANANDA REDDYElectronics and Communication EngineeringMICROWAVE ANTENNA


HanumantharaobitraElectronics and Communication EngineeringMIMO wireless communication

AnandpushparajElectronics and Communication EngineeringLTE

P.RajalakshmiElectronics and Communication EngineeringMicrowave Antennas

RADHAKRISHNAN SElectronics and Communication EngineeringOptical wireless Communication

N.DeepanElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless communications

AyyanarElectronics and Communication EngineeringPhotonics

Banoth SANTHOSHKUMARElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital

NAGESWARARAO NAIK BHOOKYAElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital Image Processing

Anagha E GElectronics and Communication EngineeringOptical Communication

Gayathri SElectronics and Communication EngineeringImage processing

MANIVANNAN T SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDevice Modeling

NRUSINGHA CHARAN PRADHANElectronics and Communication EngineeringAntenna

I. PARTHIBANElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Communication

Rosalinekavitha.BElectronics and Communication Engineeringartificial retina

Sandhana Mahalingam MElectronics and Communication EngineeringMicrowave/Metamaterial Antenna

SAMMAIAH THURPATIElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless communication

Kiruthika RElectronics and Communication EngineeringMicrowave and Antennas

J.JeyaraniElectronics and Communication EngineeringSignal processing in FSO

Venkatachalam KElectronics and Communication EngineeringPhotonic Crystal Devices

Srinivasarao ChintaguntaElectronics and Communication EngineeringSignal Processing

GEETHA.PElectronics and Communication EngineeringAntennas for Terahertz Communication

Anish SathyanElectronics and Communication Engineeringimage Processing

SUGANYAElectronics and Communication Engineeringoptical wireless communication

MANIMALA KRISHNASAMYElectronics and Communication EngineeringMicrowave Planar Antenna

Kadar a aElectronics and Communication EngineeringVLSI

G Tirumala VasuElectronics and Communication EngineeringDigital Image Processing

SRINIVASARAOElectronics and Communication EngineeringElastic Optical networks

Mohanarangan KElectronics and Communication EngineeringComputer vision

K RANJIT KANNANElectronics and Communication EngineeringVLSI

Shamim banu AElectronics and Communication EngineeringRemote sensing

Soundarya GElectronics and Communication EngineeringMetamaterials based planar antennas

DineshElectronics and Communication EngineeringWireless Networks

R MonikaElectronics and Communication EngineeringImage Processing

M K Senthil BabuHumanities and Social SciencesLinguistics

M.PonmaniHumanities and Social SciencesSecond Language Writing

Sheelapriya.GHumanities and Social SciencesFinancial Economics, Time Series Modeling

C. Shanmuga PriyaHumanities and Social SciencesEnglish Language Teaching

Shintu DennisHumanities and Social SciencesRegional literature and Philosophy[English]

Raghavi R. K.Humanities and Social SciencesHealth Humanities, Graphic Medicine and Breast Cancer


Muthukumar. MHumanities and Social SciencesNorth East Indian Literature

Anu Mary PeterHumanities and Social SciencesHealth Humanities, Graphic Medicine, Eating Disorders

Anupama A PHumanities and Social SciencesFilm Studies, Spectatorship Studies

Sweetha SajiHumanities and Social SciencesGraphic Medicine

Vishaka Venkat Humanities and Social SciencesHumour in Political Cartoons

FR. Shyju MathewHumanities and Social SciencesInternational Economics, Indian Economy & Rubber Economics

Geetha RHumanities and Social SciencesEnglish Language Teaching

Karthikeyan ChandramohanHumanities and Social SciencesEconomics

Sriganesh RHumanities and Social SciencesELT and Biolinguistics

C.HarishreeHumanities and Social SciencesEnglish Language Teaching

Rahul D RHumanities and Social SciencesELT

Elizabeth Varsha PaulHumanities and Social SciencesEconomics

CHINMAY MURALIHumanities and Social SciencesEnglish

SOORAJ P SURESHHumanities and Social SciencesGender Economics

Annuncy Vinoliya DHumanities and Social SciencesLinguistics

Augustine JosephHumanities and Social SciencesDevelopment Economics

Eva Mishra Humanities and Social SciencesEconomics

ShanmugarajaHumanities and Social SciencesEconomics

Chrisalice Ela Joseph Humanities and Social SciencesLife Writing

K MOHANA AISHWARYAHumanities and Social SciencesEnglish Language Teaching

Laboni DasHumanities and Social SciencesGraphic Medicine and Neurodivercity

VIJAYRAGAVAN KHumanities and Social SciencesELT

U S VineeshHumanities and Social SciencesBehavioral Economics

Dr Annapureddy Rami Reddy Instrumentation and Control EngineeringEnergy harvesting

G. PalaniKumarInstrumentation and Control EngineeringQuality monitoring and dosage control of Adblue in Selective Catalytic Reduction system for emission reduction in diesel engines

S SRINIVASULU RAJUInstrumentation and Control EngineeringENERGY HARVESTING

SankaranarayananInstrumentation and Control EngineeringEstimation and Control Strategies for Water Distribution System

NaliniInstrumentation and Control EngineeringShape memory alloy based actuator design

Haseena B AInstrumentation and Control EngineeringModeling and control of non linear processes

RAGHAVENDRANInstrumentation and Control EngineeringEnergy Harvesting

L maheswariInstrumentation and Control EngineeringSolar photovoltaic for dc microgrid

REVATHI SInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl Engineering

AVINASH KUMAR ROYInstrumentation and Control EngineeringNetworked Control system

SHEREEN.SInstrumentation and Control EngineeringMEMS Magnetic Sensor

Geerthy TInstrumentation and Control EngineeringBiomedical Instrumentation, Non-invasive diagnostic techniques

PRANALI S TEKALEInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl systems and formal methods

ParthaSarathi VInstrumentation and Control EngineeringDesign and Analysis of Fractional Order Measurement System

Bhagoji Rao SulInstrumentation and Control EngineeringSmart Actuators and Sensors

Sharmila Devi KInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl Engineering,Intelligent Transportation Systems

K RAJKUMARInstrumentation and Control EngineeringModeling and control of processes

Amit PalInstrumentation and Control EngineeringInstrumentation (sensor Design)

Ambili T AInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl Theory

Vasantha Kumar SInstrumentation and Control EngineeringProcess Control

M.S.ThilagavathyInstrumentation and Control Engineeringformal methods,ITS

DEEPAK PRASANNA RInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl System

Ramya AInstrumentation and Control EngineeringSensors

T.DEVASHENAInstrumentation and Control EngineeringSmart Structures

Sarika RajuInstrumentation and Control EngineeringControl Engineering in Aerospace applications

Raja VInstrumentation and Control EngineeringRotational piezoelectric energy harvesting

ANJALI S NAIRInstrumentation and Control EngineeringRobust control

Deepak RanaInstrumentation and Control EngineeringStructural Health Monitoring, Advance Sensors, ANN

Madhu V. Instrumentation and Control EngineeringFlow Measurement

SANGEETHA BInstrumentation and Control EngineeringBiomedical instrumentation


MUTHUKUMARASAMY VInstrumentation and Control EngineeringSensors and Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Fr. Joseph MathewInstrumentation and Control EngineeringBiomedical

CHITTA SUBBAREDDYInstrumentation and Control EngineeringCONTROL THEORY

SIVAKAMI VInstrumentation and Control EngineeringHOT WIRE ANEMOMETER

Ganesan MArchitectureModeling and Control of Longitudinal Train Dynamics using Sliding Mode Control with Model Reference Adaptation

ARUNGANESH KInstrumentation and Control EngineeringBiomedical instrumentaion

BYJU N BInstrumentation and Control EngineeringMedical Image Processing

Rakkammal SInstrumentation and Control EngineeringDc-dc converters

RASHMI ANNAMMA GEORGEInstrumentation and Control Engineeringsignal processing

Dr K C GaneshMechanical EngineeringComputational Welding Mechanics, CAE


GURU MANIKANDAN KMechanical EngineeringVibrations

H MohitMechanical EngineeringHybrid polymer composites

KarthikeyanMechanical EngineeringWind Turbine

M. SATTHIYARAJUMechanical EngineeringExperimental studies on Polymer Thin Films for Industrial Applications

Premkumar RMechanical EngineeringSolar Thermoacoustics

Kishor Bharadwaj K. S.Mechanical EngineeringCompliant Mechanisms Design

H S Sunil KumarMechanical EngineeringFutter Analysis in wind turbine blades

BALAKRISHNAN SMechanical EngineeringFailure Analysis of Pipe Bends

MOHAN KUMAR SMechanical EngineeringA-TIG Welding of Stainless Steels

AJITH KRISHNAN RMechanical EngineeringBoiling heat transfer in microscale channels

Aravind S LMechanical EngineeringThermal studies of Airbag gas generants

Srikanth SalyanMechanical EngineeringPhase Change Materials

Srikanth SalyanMechanical EngineeringPhase Change Materials

P.VigneshwaranMechanical EngineeringThermal Energy Storage system

GIRINATH BMechanical EngineeringCMT Welding of Aluminium Alloys

Vinoth ThangarasuMechanical EngineeringAlternrative Fuels

Santhoshkumar AMechanical EngineeringWaste to energy, Pyrolysis, IC engine

Ram Kumar RMechanical EngineeringFuel Cell

NANDAKUMAR SMechanical EngineeringSafe Handling of Flammable Hydrocarbon Fuels

KARTHIK BABU N BMechanical EngineeringPolymers for MEMS

Pradeep Raja CMechanical EngineeringHydro-forming, Forming

R. Muthu Dinesh Kumar Mechanical EngineeringBiofuels, Waste to Energy

DURAISAMY RMechanical EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing

Rajesh Kannan AMechanical EngineeringCold Metal Transfer welding of Austenitic stainless steels

B Devaraj NaikMechanical EngineeringIc engine (thermal)

KalidossMechanical EngineeringPhase change Materials for Energy Storage

ANISH RMechanical EngineeringPhase change material based thermal energy storage systems and applications

Venkateshkumar RMechanical Engineeringsolar energy

Vinothkumar.AMechanical EngineeringFailure analysis in piping components.

Jinshah B SMechanical EngineeringNumerical study of Instabilities in undteady flow

RubanMechanical EngineeringMechanical behaviour and life prediction of materials

Venkatesan VMechanical EngineeringRobotics

PRAMOD RMechanical EngineeringCMT Welding of Aluminium

PRAVIN KUMAR NMechanical EngineeringWelding


DINESHKUMAR MMechanical EngineeringWaste to energy conversion

Jeyabalaganesh GMechanical EngineeringKinetic study in Airbags

Kottala ravi kumarMechanical EngineeringSolar energy

Saravanakumar PMechanical EngineeringThermal stresses and cracking in metal quenching process

Solaimalai Raja RMechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering

Divakar SMechanical EngineeringWelding

SENTHIL KUMAAR. SMechanical EngineeringA-TIG Welding

Gopi RMechanical EngineeringBiodiesel

JIJO PRASAD J RMechanical EngineeringPeridynamics

KALIL BASHA JMechanical EngineeringCombustion visualization


MICHEL MYURES XMechanical EngineeringNanotechnology

K.S.NarayananMechanical Engineeringalternate Fuels in IC ENgines

DHINAKARAN VMechanical EngineeringWelding

LA.KRISHNAMechanical Engineeringpiping

V. V. RAMAKRISHNAMechanical EngineeringMagnetic materials

R ShankarMechanical EngineeringSurface Coating

VENKITARAJ K PMechanical EngineeringHeat Transfer


Marimuthu SMechanical EngineeringWelding

PrasannaMechanical EngineeringThermal

K PRIYAKAMESHMechanical EngineeringApplication of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

B.HARIMechanical EngineeringConcentrated Photovoltaic Cells

Gurugubelli PramodkumarMechanical EngineeringWelding

Nalli Murali krishnaMechanical EngineeringSolar energy

PANDIARAJ VMechanical EngineeringTribology

SRIRAM PRASANTH.MMechanical EngineeringBiofuels

Vamshi pradyumna kummariMechanical EngineeringWelding

Mule Prem kumar ReddyMechanical EngineeringPool boiling/ Flow boiling

Edward Anand.EMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringCorrosion and tribology

Dr. Vinoadh Kumar KrishnanMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science

M.MURALIMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringHigh Entropy Alloys

R.MAHENDRANMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringSurface Engineering

MAXWELL REJIL CMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringDissimilar Solid State welding

ThiyaneshwaranMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringDiffusion Bonding

Bhagat Singh PugazhendhiMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetal Castings, Plastic Forming and SPD Techniques

Rajesh Kannan PMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringHeat Treatment, welding and Corrosion

Muthukumar PMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringFriction stir Processing

K.ananthakumarMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringSolid State Welding,Powder Metallurgy

R MurugasamiMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringThermoelectric materials

VIVEKANANDHAN PMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringThermoelectric materials

NandhiniMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringFriction Stir Welding

HARI PRASAD SAMPATI RAOMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringBio-Materials

Anbarasan NMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding

DINESH PMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringDevelopment of Magnesium-lithium alloys

Ram kumar VMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMicro-arc oxidation of Mg alloys

M PREMNATHMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringHydrogen Storage

Vikram Kumar S JainMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetal Matrix Composites

N SRIRAMANMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringBiomaterials

Sokkalingam.RMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding of High entropy alloys

Dinesh Kumar RajendranMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringFriction Stir Welding

SUNILKUMAR DHASANMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringFriction Stir welding steel

A. SaikiranMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringPEO Coatings

Ponraj B.VMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringPowder metallurgy

Vallimanalan ashokanMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringSurface Engineering


SADHASIVAM MMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringAlloy Development

SATHISH SUDHANDRA BHARTHI TMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringThermoelectrics

Vignesh PonnusamyMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMg Alloy

B.BLESSTOMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringCryorolling

MuralidharaBMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringPolymer Matrix Composites

P.ManojkumarMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringDevelopment of Nano and composite coatings on Titanium by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation

Veera Venkata NagarajuMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMicrowave processing of metallic materials

KARTHIKEYAN GMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetal Forming

Kavitha GMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringProcess metallurgy

VISHNUKUMAR MMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWELDING

KrishnaveniMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringBiomaterials

THANGAVEL NMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringThermoelectrics

Amal V PurushothamanMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding

Koorella.krishna39@gmail.comMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringSevere Plastic deformation

Aravind Nagaraj TMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetal Casting

Rajkumar MMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetal Casting

RIZVAN BASHA MMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringCarbon fibre reinforcement Ceramics Matrix composite

K ThilaghamMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringFriction Stir Welding

Sarfudeen MMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding

Srinivasa Chandra VMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringAluminum Alloy

PUJARI RAJESHMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringWelding Engineering

Rashid T PPhysicsRare earth Intermetallics - Magnetic Refrigerant Materials

DhanabalPhysicsNanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications

SAHEER CHEEMADANPhysicsTransparent Conducting Oxide Thin films for Optoelectronic applications

KalyanavalliPhysicsNon destructive evaluation

SHUAIB E PPhysicsCarbon based nanomaterial synthesis by Laser ablation in liquids

MUHAMMED SHAFI PPhysicsEnergy storage

E.VinothPhysicsThin films for gas sensing applications

Devendiran SubbaiyanPhysicsFiber Optics and gas sensing

Rajesh.PPhysicsMagnetic materials


Neena PrasadPhysicsRaman Spectroscopy



Gaurav Kumar YogeshArchitectureCondense Matter Physics

KIRITHIGA RPhysicsNanofluids


M Kirubanithy Physics2D Materials

Antilen JacobPhysicsMagnetism

B Hemanth KumarPhysicsThin Film Solar Cells

Devika MaheshPhysicsThin Films for Optoelectronic Applications

Rekha PilliadugulaPhysicsNano materials

HARINEE SPhysicsPhotocatalysis and antifouling

Madhumitha CPhysicsRaman spectroscopy

C.YogeswariMathematicsNonlinear Optics

K.LakshmanamoorthyPhysicsCarbon Nanomaterilas

VenkadeshkumarPhysicsNonlinear optics.

AABEL PPhysicsThin Film Photovoltaics

ARYA SUKUMARANPhysicsThinfilm, Spintronics

ANOOP SUNNYArchitectureRaman Spectroscopy

SEETHAL PAPPACHANPhysicsMultifunctional materials

BINY R WISTONPhysicsMaterial science


SANDEEP KUMAR YADAVPhysicsMultiferroics

KALAI PRIYA APhysicsFibre optics sensors, Lasers and nanomaterials.


John PaulPhysicsOptoelectronic Materials

SuprajaPhysicsNon linear Optics

Naveena PPhysicsCondensed Matter theory

Dhivyaprasath KPhysicsMaterials Science

REMYA. U. DPhysicsStrongly correlated system


SWATHI SArchitectureStrongly Correlated Electron Systems

AMRUTHA E GPhysicsCarbon Nanomaterials

Jerlin GPhysicsNanomaterial

KAARTHIK JPhysicsMaterial science

KRUPA MARIA KURUVILAPhysicsFerroelectrics

Nivedha BPhysicsNanomaterials for sensor and defence application

JANANI ARCHANA KPhysicsNanophotonics

NARAYANAN NAMBOODIRI PPhysicsCondensed Matter Theory

VIJAYA SANKAR KPhysicssemiconductor phot catalysis

Arunachalam B PhysicsCloud computing


NIRMAL KUMARPhysicsPolymer composites


Dr. D. Palanisamy Production EngineeringMachining

Vignesh VProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Risk Management

DINESH SProduction EngineeringCryogenic Machining

MOHAMMED ASIF.MProduction EngineeringWelding

Deepan Bharathi Kannan TProduction EngineeringWelding

Sonu RajakProduction EngineeringSupply chain management

Vijay RProduction EngineeringBrake Friction Materials

VELMURUGAN CProduction EngineeringPowder Metallurgy

GUNDA YOGANJANEYULUProduction EngineeringMetal Forming

LakshmananProduction EngineeringWelding

Jayanth NProduction EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing


Sivaprasad P VProduction EngineeringNon-Traditional Machining, Modeling and Optimization

N. JEYAPRAKASHProduction EngineeringLaser material processing

S SATHISHProduction EngineeringComposite Material

Manjunatheshwara K JProduction EngineeringSustainable Manufacturing

Sakthi Nagaraj TProduction EngineeringErgonomics in lean manufacturing

Suresh GProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Optimization

UmarProduction EngineeringWeldability studies

Sundar RManagement StudiesSupply chain

EvangelineProduction EngineeringWelding, Surfacing , Coating

G V KRISHNA PRADEEPProduction EngineeringLaser Material Processing

Sathies TProduction EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing

Rajesh Kumar KProduction EngineeringHybrid Composite Materials

Venkatesan SuProduction EngineeringMicromilling

Rohit AgrawalProduction EngineeringSustainable Additive Manufacturing

KUMARAN MProduction Engineeringshape memory alloy

Anoop. M. SProduction EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing

RAMESH. PProduction EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing

Aadithya BGProduction EngineeringLean Manufacturing

Chigilipalli Bharat KumarProduction EngineeringComposite


Kiran M Production EngineeringE-Waste Management

Meiyazhagan NProduction EngineeringGears

MOHAN SProduction EngineeringPolymer matrix composites


SIVA DProduction EngineeringMETAL FORMING

Kumar SProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Management

PRABAKARAN RProduction EngineeringMicro Machining

Shunmugesh K Production EngineeringOptimization, Machining, Composites

Jenson Joseph EProduction EngineeringPolymer Matrix coposites

Keerthi vasanProduction EngineeringComposite materials

GOKULRAJ MProduction EngineeringComposites

KIRAN V SAGARProduction EngineeringFlexible manufacturing

VETRI SELVAN RProduction EngineeringThermal Fatigue of Boiler Components

A.SaravananProduction EngineeringGeometric tolerance optimization

SREERAG R SProduction EngineeringSupply chain management

Rajiv DamodaranProduction EngineeringOperations Management

Arulkumar SProduction EngineeringComposite materials

P.BalakumarProduction EngineeringWelding on Boiler grade materials

M.RameshProduction EngineeringPolymer composites

Priya c bProduction EngineeringIntelligent process planning

Ranjith Raj AProduction EngineeringAdditive Manufacturing

Sathish Kumar GProduction EngineeringWelding

Arunkumar RProduction EngineeringSupply Chain Management

Jithinkarunan mpProduction EngineeringMicro machining

VENKATRAMAN SProduction EngineeringManufacturing

PRABAKARAN RProduction EngineeringAdvance


Arunkumar GProduction EngineeringWelding

KESAVULU PALAVALLIProduction EngineeringBreak friction materials

MAHENDRAN JEYARAMANProduction EngineeringShape memory alloys

Mullapaku Subba ReddyProduction EngineeringMetal Forming

SATHEESH KUMAR KONDAPARTProduction EngineeringFinite Elements in Analysis and Design

SUREAH BABU. RProduction EngineeringMachining

Gladys SManagement StudiesBrand Placement in Movies

AjithaManagement StudiesLuxury marketing and Counterfeiting

Remya LManagement StudiesHuman Resource Management

R. AmirthaManagement StudiesMarketing

Radhakrishna G.S.Management StudiesCorporate financial health prediction

A. VALLINAYAGAMManagement StudiesManagement Best Practices

M.Vijaya PrabhagarManagement StudiesClassification Techniques

GAURAV ABHISHEK TIGGAManagement StudiesInformation technology and Supply Chain Management

Dharun Lingam KManagement StudiesMobile Applications and Chatbots for Online Shopping

MANORAJ NManagement StudiesMarketin

Thenmozhi KManagement StudiesFinance

NANCYPRABHAManagement StudiesMarketing

BALAKRISHNAManagement StudiesHR/Behavioral Science

Jegan JayapalManagement StudiesBehavioural economics

M SAI MOHINIManagement StudiesMicrofinance

NAKUL GANGADHARANManagement StudiesMarketing

GUDURU SHRAVANIManagement StudiesHuman Resources

BHUVANESKUMAR. AManagement StudiesFinance

Praveen SVManagement StudiesMarketing

SM Senthil VelavanManagement StudiesPower Energy Operations

DEEPAK RAMANAN.VManagement StudiesMarketing

MAHENDRA MOHAN BManagement StudiesInformation Systems

Issac Johny RajaduraiManagement StudiesPost Consumption Evaluations

B. Jonath Backia SeelanManagement StudiesSocial Media Marketing

SUSIL KUMAR.KManagement StudiesNPA MANGEMENT AMONG MSMEs (manufacturing sector)

VISHNU VIVEK MManagement StudiesPublic Finance

S SivakumarManagement StudiesFinancial Risk Management

V srinivasManagement StudiesInnovation management

JAYADEVAN G. R.Management StudiesConsumer Behaviour in Food Products Marketing

Dr. Jeevaraj SMathematicsFuzzy Mathematics

T.PRABHAMathematicsnumerical Analysis of Singularly perturbed Differential Equations

N. SamyukthaMathematicsFluid Dynamics

R. SwarnalathaMathematicsStochastic programming

M.JagadeeswariMathematicsFuzzy Mathematical Modelling

Vishwa Prakash JhaMathematicsStochastic Programming

Anushiya InbasekaranMathematicsFuzzy Control Theory

AarthikaMathematicsNumerical Analysis

RAMAKRISHNA MANCHIMathematicsBio Fluid Mechanics

SUDHIR SINGHMathematicsNumerical Analysis

Asha SebastianMathematicsUnivalent function theory

PRAVEEN KUMAR RMathematicsNumerical Analysis


DIVYADEVI TMathematicsOptimization

KANAGA RMathematicsComplex Analysis

Sangeetha K VMathematicsFunctional Analysis


Madhumitha SMathematicsGeometric Function Theory

Sahaya Jenifer AMathematicsFluid Dynamics

ARIJIT DASMathematicsMathematical Analysis of ODEs & PDEs

RAM SHIROMANI MathematicsNumerical Solution of singularly perturbed Differential equation

NITHIYA EMEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Microalgal carbon sequestration

Ramakant Pandey Energy and Environment (CEESAT)Heat transfer, mixing analysis of photobioreactor using computational fluid dynamics

Sathiya Prabhakaran SPEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Solid waste management

Dhamodharan.PEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Passive Cooling adn Indoor Air Quality

Sivaram PMEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Heat transfer studies on low grade solar thermal energy systems

Dinesh Kumar SEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Biological wastewater treatment

Prabhat Bhuddha Dev SEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Energy Conservation and Storage

G GopiEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Membrane Distillation

Ezhilan VEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Energy Storage

VEMPALLY MUTHYA GOUDEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Phase change materials for energy storage applications

HAREESH KRISHNAN HEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Natural Ventillation

ANTO SEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Microalgal biofuel and VAPs

Dendukuri Rajani kantEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Solar Energy

P. SURESHEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Industrial Waste Heat Recovery

Nandyala Siva KishanEnergy and Environment (CEESAT)Energy

K R Ramkumar Centre of Excellence in Corrosion and Surface Engineering (CECASE)Nanocomposites