Area of Research :Thermoelectric materials

Department :Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Supervisor :Dr. S. Kumaran


Paper Published

    Spark plasma assisted in-situ phase evolution and densification of nanocrystallibe Mg2Si-SiGe thermoelectric composite: Pulse current effects and densification mechanisms    Vivekanandhan.P, Murugasami.R, Kumaran.S    Download

    Spark plasma assisted in-situ phase evolution and densification of nano-crystalline magnesium silicide – silicon germanium thermo-electric composite: Pulse current effects and densification mechanisms,Scripta Mater. (Elsevier),146 (2018) 344    VivekanandhanPMurugasamiR, Kumaran    Download

    Thermoelectric power factor performance of Si80Ge20 doped with Phosphorous by spark plasma assisted transient liquid Phase sintering, Scripta Mater. 143 (2018) 35-39..(Impact Factor : 3.747)    Murugasami.R, Vivekanandhan.P , Kumaran.S, Suresh Kumar, John Tharagan    Download

    imultaneous synthesis and densification of nanocrystalline magnesium silicide compound by spark plasma sintering​, Powder Technol. (Elsevier), 319 (2017), 129-138. DOI: 10.1016/j.powtec.2017.06.039. (Impact Factor : 2.942)    P.Vivekanandhan, R.Murugasami, KVRS.Sairam, S.Kumaran    Download

    Rapid In-situ Synthesis of nanostructured Mg2Si Thermoelectric material by Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering, Mater. Lett. (Elsevier),197 (2017), 106-110. (// (Impact Factor : 2.5    Vivekanandhan.P, Murugasami.R, Sairam.KVRS, Kumaran.S    Download

    ” Densification and alloying of ball milled Silicon-Germanium powder mixture during Spark Plasma Sintering, Adv. Powder Technol. (Elsevier), ), 28 (2017),506-513. ( (Impact Fa    Murugasami.R, Vivekanandhan.P, Kumaran.S    Download

    Rapid Alloying and Nanostructuring of Silicon-Germanium Powder Mixture by Spark Plasma Sintering, Trans.Ind. Inst. Met. (Springer),70 (3) (2017), 855-860. (DOI 10.1007/s12666-017-1071-4) (Impact Factor : 0.533)    Murugasami.R, Vivekanandhan.P, Kumaran.S    Download

    Routing Optimization of Third Party Logistics Operations using Greedy Search Approach”, J. Logistics Management,Vol.2,(1),2013,pp.1-8.(DOI:10.5923/j.logistics.20130201.01).    Vivekanandhan.P, Anand.S, Paramasivam.A    Download

    Contributed a chapter on Development of Optimized Supply Chain Logistics Management System”, in the book title Supply Chain Management: A competitive Advantage, Macmillan Advanced Research Series,Pages.248-260.2010.    Vivekanandhan P    Download