Area of Research :Numerical Analysis

Department :Mathematics

Supervisor :Dr. K Murugesan


Paper Published

    Dynamics of optical solitons and conservation laws of a new (2+1)-dimensional integrable nonlinear evolution equation in deep water oceanic waves    Sudhir Singh, R. Sakthivel, M. Inc, A. Yusuf and K. Murugesan    Download

    Dust ion acoustic multi-shock wave excitations in the weakly relativistic plasmas with nonthermal nonextensive electrons and positrons    M. G. Hafez, Sudhir Singh, R. Sakthivel, and S. F. Ahmed    Download

    Benjamin-Ono equation: Rogue waves, generalized breathers, soliton bending, fission, and fusion    Sudhir Singh, K. Sakkaravarthi, K. Murugesan, R. Sakthivel    Download

    Dynamics of Higher-order Bright and Dark Rogue Waves in a New (2+1)-Dimensional Integrable Boussinesq Model    Sudhir Singh, Lakhveer Kaur, K. Sakkaravarthi, R. Sakthivel, K. Murugesan    Download

    Higher dimensional localized and periodic wave dynamics in a new integrable (2+1)-dimensional Kundu-Mukherjee-Naskar model    Sudhir Singh, Abhik Mukherjee, K. Sakkaravarthi, K. Murugesan    Download